This site shows you my favorite silk things: a lot of scarfs and some other funny objects. They were painted and made by me used 100% natural silk fabric.

Scarves shown on this site are 100% silk and each piece is individually hand-dyed and hand-marbled. The scarves pictured on the web site are representations of some pattern and color that I have created. However, because the scarves are individually hand-marbled rather than being mass-produced, no two scarves can ever be identical.

Marbling is essentially the process of painting on water. The water is thickened with a seaweed extract and paint is dropped on the water. Patterns are created in the floating paint using rakes and sticks. The scarves are carefully laid on top of the floating paint soaking up the color. Because of the natural movement of water the patterns are sometimes uneven, adding to the charm and uniqueness of each scarf.

I hope you will enjoy my colorful site and the things I stored here.

Have a question? Send me an e-mail: info@silkandrose.hu